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Have you ever wished you no longer had to shave, pluck, or wax unwanted hair? Are you reluctant to undergo the discomfort and pain of traditional laser hair removal procedures? Our skin clinic now offers Soprano IceTM, the latest in pain-free laser hair removal.  Brought to you by Alma Laser, Soprano Ice is a state-of-the-art treatment specially designed to remove unwanted hair quickly, comfortably, and with fewer visits than ever before. it’s the permanent hair removal you’ve been looking for!  Call Now to schedule your FREE consultation! (480) 781-0744

The Doctors featuring Soprano ICE

Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal

The Doctors featuring Soprano ICE

Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal Benefits

  • Virtually pain-free: No medication or other pre-treatments required
  • Long-lasting: Minimize the need for future treatments
  • Quick! Laser Treatments are usually are fast including the larger areas such as legs and arms
  • No downtime: You can return to normal activities immediately
  • Effective for all skin types: Tanned skin, as well as different hair types
  • Perfect for any area of the body: Even sensitive areas such as around the face, neck, and bikini line

Unlike most clinics, our True Med Spa uses a grid system that ensures every inch of the body area is covered. During the treatment, we tend to target all hairs and results will be noticeable soon after the treatment process. Burns on the skin are the biggers worries most of the people have when they get laser hair removal done. Unlike some of the hair removal clinics, we use Dynamic Cooling Device that emits safe cold spray with each laser pulse. Making it one of the most advanced and safest methods of laser hair removal, the system cools the skin immediately and prevents burning. Call our medical spa today!

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Pain Free Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Scottsdale Arizona